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The Safe Choice for
Industrial Gas Detection

Over 200 Senscient systems installed at the Chuandongbei project in Sichuan, China
Senscient gas detection sensors during the testing process
Senscient's ELDS system monitors gas leaks at a DCP Midstream storage facility in the U.S.
Laser assembly installation in a Senscient gas detection transmitter unit
Senscient’s technology eliminates false alarms and improves safety performance on Terra Nova FPSO

Senscient is a pioneer in the field of gas detection.  The company’s innovation, called ELDSTM (Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy), couples spectroscopic principles with solid-state lasers.  This technology is transforming the way industrial plant operators protect their personnel and assets from leaks of hazardous gases.  High false alarm rates, slow detection and poor reliability are problems that have plagued industrial plants when dealing with gas leak detection.  Senscient utilizes laser technology to eliminate false alarms and enable fast, reliable detection of hazardous gases.  This innovation has the benefit of improving safety performance and increasing uptime availability while reducing operational costs. 

Case Study

Terra Nova FPSO

The Terra Nova FPSO faced two major challenges.  During adverse weather, infra-red gas detection sensors were experiencing fault conditions and triggering false alarms. In addition, the reservoir was beginning to sour and produce H2S, a deadly toxic gas.

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Project Sites

senscient customer map

Senscient has delivered over 1,500 gas detection systems to a customer base that includes many of the world's leading industrial companies.  These systems are operating in over 30 countries in conditions ranging from the intense heat of the Middle East to frigid cold in the Arctic.

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