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Senscient commissions gas detectors at Shah Gas

Senscient wellhead monitoring

Senscient has successfully commissioned Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) detectors it has supplied for the Shah Gas project.  At an estimated cost of US$ 10 billion, the Shah field development is currently the largest sour gas project in the world.  It is nearing completion and expected to reach full capacity by end-2015.  Senscient has delivered over 100 ELDSTM H2S detectors to the Shah Gas Development project.

Shah is operated by Al Hosn Gas,  a joint venture in which the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (Adnoc) holds a 60 percent share and Occidental Petroleum the other 40 percent.  The project is located approximately 200 kilometers southwest of the city of Abu Dhabi, on the fringe of the Empty Quarter.  At full capacity, Al Hosn will produce one billion cubic feet day of well fluid containing over 23% H2S and 10% CO2 from the Shah field.  The challenge of dealing with the lethal sour gas is compounded by reservoir pressures as high as 5,500 pounds per square inch.  The Shah fields were discovered in the 1960s but previously thought too technically complex and dangerous to develop.  

The Shah Gas Development project consists of four major elements:

  1. the gas gathering system
  2. the Shah processing plant
  3. product pipelines
  4. the Shah sulfur station

The project has a total of four trains ­ the largest in the world - for the massive sulphur recovery units that process one billion cubic feet per day of sour gas.   The products expected to be produced from the feed gas include approximately 500 million cubic feet per day of clean natural gas, 4,400 tons per day of natural gas liquids, 33,000 barrels per day of condensate, and 9,200 tons per day of elemental sulfur for agricultural and industrial uses that will see the UAE account for approximately five percent of global sulphur production. 

The high H2S content at Shah presented significant HSE design challenges, and led Al Hosn Gas to seek the best technologies and implement them on an unprecedented scale.  “Al Hosn Gas embarked on a mission to set the global standard of excellence for sour gas development, making the Shah project a very important one for Senscient.  We are very pleased to announce successful commissioning and completion of a job that occurred in challenging conditions.  One of our service engineer’s, Nick Walker, spent three weeks on-site during the month of June, when temperatures in the dessert soared above 50oC and the sour gas hazard required the use of full-body encapsulating suit and self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).  We are grateful for the support we received in the field and look forward to a long partnership with Al Hosn Gas,” said Rajat Barua, CEO of Senscient.

Methane-H2S at wellhead

Shah Gas processing facility

Shah Gas plant at night






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