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The Safe Choice for
Industrial Gas Detection

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Senscient - Reliable Laser Gas Detection

The use of permanently fixed gas detectors is common practice within many industrial facilities where toxic and or flammable gases are used or produced. Designed to protect personnel and plant they are often connected to an integrated fire and gas detection/alarm system.

An array of different gas detection technologies and product configurations are available at a wide range of market pricing. All have their own detection capabilities and limitations many with considerable and often hidden, on-going operational costs.

The Senscient Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy (ELDSTM) gas detection product range uses a laser generated light signal, and sends it from a transmitter to a separate receiver unit, where the signal is processed to determine gas concentration.

Why choose Senscient ELDSTM open path gas detectors?

Increased Safety and Reliability

  •        highest sensitivity
  •        fastest speed of response
  •        no unrevealed failure modes

Increased Availability and Plant Uptime

  •        best environmental resistance
  •        no nuisance alarms from interference gases
  •        no false alarms

Reduced Capex

  •        replaces multiple point devices
  •        reduced cabling and control system input count
  •        combined toxic and flammable with one device

Reduced Opex

  •        automatic proof testing
  •        no routine field re-calibration required
  •        no replacement of consumable sensing elements


A Petrobras engineer using an alignment telescope to align a Senscient transmitter unit with its receiver


Perimeter monitoring

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