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The Safe Choice for
Industrial Gas Detection

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Combined Gas Detection

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Looking for other toxic or flammable gas detectors?

In the exploitation of ‘Sour’ (high in Sulphur content) hydrocarbon reserves; Oil and gas exploration, production and processing facilities face both toxic (Hydrogen Sulphide) and Flammable (Methane) gas risks.

Levels of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) entrained within extracted Methane (CH4) can be range from a few parts per million (ppm) to several % by volume (% v/v). In these applications is has been typical to install a combination of fixed point toxic and flammable gas detectors, or open path gas detectors. This combination of devices incurs high costs for mounting, cabling, routine testing and replacement of toxic sensing elements.

The Senscient ELDSTM combined H2S + CH4 open path gas detector addresses these cost issues by detecting both gas types in a single unit, while requiring no manual intervention for routine testing, by use of the patented daily auto test facility called ‘SimuGasTM’.

When locating devices for both gas types, it has been common practice to located them at different elevations to reflect the natural buoyancy of each gas.

Industry studies have confirmed that H2S will stay entrained for some distance after the point of release. This validates the use and location of a single open path monitoring beam in a single device.

Additional advantages of Senscient ELDSTM open path toxic gas detectors include:

  • No unwanted alarms from interference gases as Senscient ELDS devices are gas specific.
  • No on-going costs for test gases or the need to replace expensive sensing elements.
  • Increased safety with a faster speed of response than conventional electrochemical or semi-conductor, point detectors.
  • Increased safety and faster shut down with up to 1000 times greater sensitivity than conventional IR based flammable gas detection devices.

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