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The Safe Choice for
Industrial Gas Detection

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Flammable Gas Detection

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Looking for toxic or combined toxic and flammable gas detectors?

Open path flammable infrared (IR) based gas detection is widely used in many industrial applications and considered to offer better detection capability in open areas than using a number of point detectors.

Conventional Xenon flash or filament lamp, based IR devices have their limitations which must be understood when designing and installing an open path IR gas detection solution.

Xenon flash or filament lamp devices operate over a multiple of wavelengths and respond to all hydrocarbon gases, oil mist and even plastic bags flapping in the beam along a perimeter fence. This ‘Non Specific’ detection characteristic can result in unwanted alarms. Senscient ELDSTM laser based open path flammable gas detection devices are gas species specific eliminating unwanted alarms.

Routine testing of conventional IR based devices requires physical access to manually insert an optical (plastic) test filter into the beam. The Senscient ELDSTM range of laser based flammable gas detectors utilises the patented daily auto test facility ‘SimuGasTM’ which uses real gas and eliminates the need for any manual intervention for routine testing.             

Coupled with other unique features the Senscient ELDSTM range of products delivers significant end user benefits, relating to the life costs and performance of open path flammable gas detection.

Additional advantages of Senscient ELDSTM open path toxic gas detectors include:

  • No on-going costs for test gases.
  • Increased safety and faster shut down with up to 1000 times greater sensitivity than conventional IR based devices.
  • The fastest genuine speed of response for HVAC inlet / cross duct applications.

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