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The Safe Choice for
Industrial Gas Detection

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Toxic Gas Detection

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Looking for flammable or combined toxic and flammable gas detectors?

Traditionally the detection of toxic gases with a fixed system has been limited to the use of point detectors. These only monitor at the specific location where they are mounted.

Trying to pre-determine all locations where gas may escape from an industrial process and predict the path of the resultant gas cloud is often an educated guess or the result of expensive gas dispersion study. This is complicated by the physical properties of the gas and local environmental effects such as temperature, air velocity/speed and direction.

Open path toxic gas detection reduces the likelihood of poorly placed point devices by monitoring along the full length of a beam that spans the open area. This advantage has been widely accepted for flammable gas detection for some years. The Senscient ELDSTM range of open path toxic gas detectors brings this capability to toxic gas detection for the first time.

Coupled with other unique features the Senscient ELDSTM range of products delivers significant end user benefits, relating to the life costs and performance of fixed toxic gas detection systems.

Additional advantages of Senscient ELDSTM open path toxic gas detectors include:

  • A significant reduction in field wiring compared to a multi-point detector installation.
  • No unwanted alarms from interference gases as Senscient ELDS devices are gas specific.
  • No manual intervention and associated access issues related to routine testing by using the patented daily auto test facility ‘SimuGasTM’ which uses real gas.
  • No on-going costs for test gases or the need to replace expensive sensing elements.
  • Increased safety with a faster speed of response than conventional electrochemical or semi-conductor, point detectors.

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